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Adding Custom Properties to the MDT Database – Extending the Schema

Heyo, There’s been a couple of occasions where we’ve needed to store additional settings in the MDT Database, for example storing AD groups, or the OU that the computer was last in before rebuilding. The process is straight forward, using SQL Server Management Studio, open up the MDT Database, edit… Read more »

List MSI paths from Software Installation Policies

Hey, We have 1000’s of MSI’s assigned through group policy and often need to work with the file paths in PowerShell, here’s a function that returns the file path of the MSI from the Software Installation GPO.

This function will return the MSI path and MST path. It will… Read more »

Invoke a command using VB.Net and WMI

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Hi Again, I’ve been looking into different ways of invoking commands on remote machines. Here’s one that can be used in VB.NET by using WMI. First add a reference to System.Management and reference it at the start of your project:

Then add the guts, the code that calls WMI… Read more »