Unable to query Registry during task sequence – Property does not exist at path using Get-ItemProperty


As part of the MDT build process we set a couple of Registry Keys to tell us the status of the build (I.e in build or finished build) For logging purposes I retrieve the value of 2 keys from the registry, however when running the following command I get an exception:

The error I receive is:

Property XXXĀ does not exist at path XXX

Where the first XXX is the -Name argument we specified I.e the registry entry, and the second XXX is the path to the registry key e.g HKLM:\Software\MyKey\Subkey.

Now, if I manually check the path that was thrown in the exception using regedit, I can see it does exist, its not a typo, and I’m not sure why it does this, seemingly only in the Task Sequence and not outside of it. The Get-ItemProperty cmdlet works fine within Windows and returns the values as expected.

Anyway to work around this issue I’ve used a different method of querying the Registry by using a Wscript.Shell object:

Let me know if you’ve seen this issue, or know why it occurs!


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